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Robert’s legendary Rockford Wines

  Visiting the Barossa Valley to enjoy some of its magnificent wine is nothing short of a rewarding experience. You’ll stumble across some of the passionate industry workers that never tire to further open your eyes to the wonderful world that is traditional Australian wine. Each drop tells a unique story that the winemaker has expressed from the very positioning of the vines, up until the first sip. One boutique winery that stands out from most has well-earnt its […]

Koerner Wine announced in Robert Parker Wine

Koerner Wine announced in Robert Parker Wine Advocate’s top 100 wine discoveries of the world 2020 for their Gullyview Vineyard Pigato Vermentino, 2019 Robert Parker Wine Advocate’s inaugural top 100 wine discoveries unveils up & coming wine trends and people to know about around the world. The measures used to select candidates consist of sustainability, […]

Food and wine pairing – Australian Chardonnay with butter chicken

India’s vibrant and exotic cuisine is quite popular in Australia and most of us have a favorite go-to Indian restaurant. However, the varieties of spices and ingredients in Indian food makes it tricky to pair with wines. The complexity of Indian food requires a wine with simplicity to balance out the overall experience. So, lets learn to cook […]

Food & Wine Pairing – Australian red wine Terre à Terre Cabernet Franc

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when we speak about wine so we have decided to share with you one food&wine pairing to give you ideas and tips for your future meals.  RED AUSTRALIAN WINE TERRE A TERRE CABERNET FRANC // PIZZA Enticing from the get-go the terre a terre cabernet franc have a […]

Richard Dolan of Bec Hardy Wines

Sitting with Richard Dolan, Joint Managing Director of Bec Hardy Wines – overlooking the sun kissed Tipsy Hill vineyard in the Blewitt Springs sub-region of McLaren Vale. Richard and his wife Bec Hardy, Joint Managing Director and Viticulturist, acquired the pocket-sized vineyard in 2016. Richard is very interested in exploring the feasibility of acquiring more vineyards in the “up and coming” Blewitt Springs sub-region of McLaren Vale. Its vineyards sit at a higher altitude […]

Domaine Font de Michelle

According to local archives, the Gonnet family has been settled at Bédarrides since 1600… In 1880 Jean Etienne Gonnet built the farmhouse that serves as the headquarters of the estate today. His grandson, Etienne Gonnet, created Font de Michelle in 1950. This 30 hectare vineyard – adjoining land connected all in one lot – is […]

Domaine La Grangette

Bordered by “Via Domitia”, crossed by the path of “salt” and that of the “fishmonger”, the domain “La Grangette” has a heavy historic past. In the Middle Ages, the grounds formed part of the seigneury of the Baron de Guers. They were cultivated of cereals and of alfalfa, to nourish the significant cavalry of the […]