Koerner Wine announced in Robert Parker Wine

Koerner Wine announced in Robert Parker Wine Advocate’s top 100 wine discoveries of the world 2020 for their Gullyview Vineyard Pigato Vermentino, 2019

Robert Parker Wine Advocate’s inaugural top 100 wine discoveries unveils up & coming wine trends and people to know about around the world. The measures used to select candidates consist of sustainability, innovation, investment value and age-worthiness.

(Broadsheet, 2020. Courtesy of Koerner Wine)


Brothers Damon and Jono Koerner were born in The Clare Valley, SA, where they were exposed to their parents’ family business of grape growing. The family business wasn’t to make wines, but instead to purely take orders from larger winemakers and grow the grapes accordingly. The brothers soon came to learn that they wanted to be more involved in the winemaking process and packed their bags for France, in order to learn the various methods of French boutique wineries.

The brothers were quick to pick up an appreciation and expertise that the small wineries in France had to offer, as well as their appealing lifestyle. Shortly after returning from their travels, Damon had decided to study viticulture, whilst Jono undertook to the sales side of their business. The brothers decided to neglect any sprayed chemicals or any rapid scaling of the business. Instead, they adopted a minimalist approach, to which Jono says, ‘Just let the soil and the place shine’.



(Broadsheet, 2020. Courtesy of Koerner Wine)

It wasn’t long before wine drinkers became aware of the newly established label, Koerner Wine. It was in 2014, when the brothers used their parents’ grapes to make their first batch – five barrels of vermentino. Half a dozen vintage seasons later and the brothers have distinguished themselves from the traditional ways of Clare Valley winemaking.

Back in 2019, the brothers won the prestigious Riedel Young Gun of Wine award, whilst their nielluccio sangiovese took second place for best wine & fifth place for best drink in Australia. On top of this, they were discussed in a New York Times article as one of ten reasons to give Riesling another look.


(Broadsheet, 2020. Courtesy of Koerner Wine)

Whilst Koerner wine is a part of the natural (natty) wine trend, the brothers don’t tend to consider themselves as natural winemakers. Their wines aren’t organic or biodynamic, they simply refer to them as low intervention. Whilst admirable, the Brothers don’t believe that natural production methods guarantee quality. Their focus is solely on making good wine, whatever it takes (or doesn’t take).

The Clare Valley region is celebrated for producing some of Australia’s most noteworthy wines – invigorating rieslings and big, bold reds. The Koerner brothers are delighted that they stand out from the pack, with their more subtle alternatives – lush and textural whites and acid-driven, sunnier reds. Damon and Jono Koerner currently own and operate Koerner Wines, Leko Wine & Brothers Koerner.


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