Free shipping

Whether your basket contains 1 or 100 products, we guarantee free shipping throughout Australia. Purchasing online has become a must since the pandemic and we do our share to facilitate this necessary trend. This will allow you to feel free to fill up your basket with multiple bottles coming from various winemakers without having to worry about extra charge 

However, some of our small family businesses can not absorb the shipping cost for just one bottle, therefore, you will stumble accross a few wines which require a minimum of bottles per transcation. These small wineries would be happy to bundle a few of their different bottles rather than selling you 3,6 or 12 of the same ones, so if you see a wine you like with a minimum of bottles required, feel free to email us so we can bundle a special deal for you! 

Direct connection

Our goal is to connect you with the winemakers therefore, they stay in charge of shipment, which mean that if your basket contains bottles from different wineries, you will receive several packages carefully prepared by each producer.  


We have at heart to work in a collaborative way with every producer, help them reach out to new markets and increase their visibility. Our business model strives to be sustainable for everyone. To do so, we apply only a low margin, the same for everyone, and squeeze it every time we release a voucher or a promotional code. This means our partners have a guaranteed revenue and can focus on crafting wonderful wine!