In this time of lockdown, have access to the expertise of a sommelier, at home!

Every two weeks, we offer an online wine tasting courses, tasting one and a half hours led by one of our expert Sommeliers to discover all the French & Australian wine-growing regions.

During this online tasting courses,  you will discover a bottle of wine, the history of the small vineyard and the region. You will study the grape varieties present in this wine and all the methods of tasting through sight, smell and taste. Finally, suggestions for food & wine pairings will be presented.

Connect at the same time as your loved ones to enjoy a moment of sharing and complicity while tasting a glass of wine thanks to the advice of our expert Sommeliers.

You can book a course or subscribe for the whole course.

In the days following your reservation, you will receive your tasting kit including the bottle of wine that will be the subject of the next course.