Our Concept

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At Bottli, we believe that no one should ever be disappointed with a bottle of wine. A good bottle is made to bring joy and spread happiness. If the taste is missing or unpleasant, then the wine fails to its mission.

Bottli was born to ensure you receive only good bottles. We dedicate our days to finding those little gems that will make you remember a moment, a place, a taste… A memory!

To do so, we design monthly boxes delivered to your door, filled with wine bottles, selected with care by ourselves. Where do they come from? We’re talking about unique wines made by French & Australian winemakers>

Our French country and family heritage, guided us toward this passion for small unique artisans, so we always felt close to them, and we are now proud to let you know all about their own story, creative process and philosophy.

We have met each of them, we have tasted each of their nectars and surrounded ourselves with expert oenologists. This is why we have been able to present a strong list of the best products that France and Australia have to offer. Beyond sharing a product, we aim to share an experience.

Each box will reveal a story behind the making of each bottle. You will learn about the craftsman who elaborated the same flavours you are about to taste. And because a fine wine should be paired with a fine food, we’ll also give you pairing ideas! Yes prepare yourself to taste our wines the French way!

This includes a cork stopper, requiring to be removed with a corkscrew and making that sweet sound we all like to hear “POP!!!!” As epicurean and philanthropists’ souls, we love sharing a nice moment with our loved ones, this is the kind of authentic experience we want to share with you, in our way.