At Bottli, we believe that no one should ever be disappointed by the taste of a wine. A good bottle is made to bring joy, and when the taste is missing, it fails to this essential mission. Bottli was born to ensure you receive only good bottles. 

We dedicate our work to ensure joy comes to you in the shape of an outstanding product. We design monthly boxes delivered to your door filled with bottles selected with heart by us. Where do they come from? We're talking about unique bottles, they are made by little craftsmen in France of course. 

It is our families and our country that have transmitted to us the passion for a small wine craftsmen. We always felt close to the little French makers with a family story and are passionate about discovering creative and tasteful flavors.

We met each craftsman, tasted each bottle and surrounded ourselves by expert oenologists. This is why we have been able to build a strong list of the best French wine never seen in Australia.

But beyond wanting to share a product, we aim to share an experience. Each bottle is made with heart and dedication by a little French winemaker or beer craftsman. Our boxes will reveal the family story behind the making of each bottle. You will know about the craftsmen that elaborated the flavors you are about to taste. And because a glass of wine should be paired with fine food, you will learn what food suits the best for each bottle!  

Yes, prepare yourself to taste our wines in the French way! This includes bottles with a cork stopper, asking to be unbottled with a corkscrew and making the "pop" noise when they are!

As epicurean and philanthropist souls, we love sharing good moments with friends and family around an authentic bottle. This kind of authentic experience, we want to share in our way.