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More about us

Bottli launched last year and has already built a loyal wine-loving customer base. It is about creating personal relationships with vineyards and sharing their story & philosophy with you! Its French-born, Adelaide-based founder and CEO Nathalie Taquet who has passion for wine also established eBottli, a startup which uses the latest technologies to guard our premium wine industry from export fakes.

“At Bottli, we believe that a good bottle of wine should bring joy and spread happiness – for the drinker, and the winemaker,” says Nathalie Taquet. “I started Bottli to deliver the best French and Australian wines from small-scale artisan winemakers after tasting each of their wine specials, because we aim to share an experience.”

Nathalie and her family moved to Australia two years ago and got their start in Sydney. The South Australian government provided attractive incentives to base eBottli in Adelaide, through the new SISA (Supporting Innovation in SA) program, so Nathalie and her family made the move. Although both businesses have been disrupted by COVID-19, Nathalie has a strong vision for the future for both Bottli and eBottli.

“I’m happy to be living here in South Australia, there are so many wonderful wines and wineries,” said Nathalie. “And the goal is for more people understand what makes a great drop, whether it’s Australian or French, so they’ll never be disappointed with their choice of wine.” We all like to hear that sweet sound “POP!!!!” and for that Bottli is here to deliver that authentic experience!


- Nathalie Taquet

CEO Bottli & Ebottli.


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