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What makes them special?

Charlotte loves wine. She has been making wine all over the world for close to two decades. She's been drinking wine all over the world for longer. She loves how she feels when she walks through vineyards. she loves the journey of turning grapes into wine. She loves to watch the personalities develop in every single barrel and she loves to observe the effect of the years passing on bottles of wine. To drink her friend's wines brings her so much pleasure as does discovering wines from artists and places that she doesn't know.
She thinks wine can be felt. She gets so much joy making the Charlotte Dalton wines that surely, you will feel joy when you drink them. She firmly believes that a wine must be made with a happy heart and a content soul. And that is, simply, why she makes the Charlotte Dalton Wines; to bring her joy, happiness and contentedness and to share and hopefully pass those feelings on to you through the wines.