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What makes them special?

« For more than a century we have been caretakers of a unique terroir : this heritage is both a privilege and a responsibility, that of being at the heart of environmental issues in a world of perpetual change. Thanks to the daily dedication of our team and the devotion of our family, we can consolidate excellence with accessibility. » Sara Lecompte Cuvelier, General Director of the properties since 2018

The Cuvelier Family has always been driven by two ambitions, those of pioneers and builders. Visionaries, they also longed to be producers, building upon their already well established business as Wine Merchants in the North of France. Chateau Le Crock was the ouverture at the beginning of the 20th century, closely followed by Chateau Léoville Poyferré and Chateau Moulin Riche in 1920. Their sights stretched as far as the Argentine horizon, where they established a vineyard “from the ground up” towards the end of the century, Cuvelier Los Andes. Throughout the years, each generation has contributed to the family’s tradition of making great, yet accessible wines.