Stefan Dewey Interview

Founder and Winemaker of Dewey Station Wine's, Stefan Dewey, has a great fascination with the land in which our grapes are grown. A fascination that started through the enthusiastic delivery of an unrequested geology lesson by his mentor and old friend, Stuart Bourne. Each region, sub-region, and individual vineyard site has its own climate, aspect, and soil profile (unique DNA) that contributes to the growth and style of fruit that it produces.

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What makes them special?

At Dewey Station Wines they believe that there is nothing of greater importance in life than family. That's why they honour many generations of the Dewey and Innocent families by incorporating their journey as workers on the diverse Railway networks across England into the naming of their brand - Dewey Station Wines.

Their Inspiration comes from many different aspects of life. As mentioned above, family is at the core of all that they do. As is their love of fun, food, flavour and friendship. Here at Dewey Station Wines they aim to create wine that is synonymous with these 4 f's. Uniquely theirs, quirky yet serious, something to excite the senses. Importantly they're wines to be shared with the ones we love... something for all occasions. From the bright and fruity delights of their Shaky Train Series to the super premium, refined and focused Anne-Inspired. 

Here at Dewey Station Wines they’re all about good humour, good times and serious wine's. Blending traditional method's with creative processing technique's to produce wine's that are distinctly theirs. Unique. Full Flavoured. A Wine To Share.