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Esteban Viognier Rhone Valley (2016) - Price for 6 bottles

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An Estate that nurtures its vineyards with the greatest respect for natural balance and terroir since 1808. The family motto “Fac et Spera” – do and hope – says it all. Two words that sum up all the patience and care that this art demands: patience in relation to nature which presides; care from the winemaker, who observes, chooses and assists. The wine will be the faithful expression of this alchemy.

Michel Chapoutier manages this Estate, a land rich in history and tradition. Passionately interested in expressing the character of the soil, Michel has found the means to give free rein to his convictions. In 1997, true to his pioneering spirit, Michel Chapoutier set out to explore the terroirs of Australia.

In 2002 he joined forces with Ron and Elva Laughton (Jasper Hill) in central Victoria, and at Heathcote, north of Melbourne, on a very unusual, early Cambrian soil. He has also worked with Rick Kinzbrunner on the Giaconda vineyard at Beechworth, in northeast Victoria, on a granite soil. Maison M. Chapoutier bought two other Australian vineyards (Shays Flat and Landsborough) in the Victorian Pyrenees and set up the fully owned Domaine Tournon.

100% Viognier, early harvesting by hand have been made to preserve the taste and aromatic freshness of the varietal. The vinification was with direct pressing of the entire bunches, followed by the selection of the best juices. The fermentation was in low-temperature vats (12°C) until the wine reaches around 10% alcohol. Bottling had been followed by natural continuation of the fermentation (i.e. “prise de mousse” is achieved without the addition of external sugar) until the sparkling wine reaches around 12% final alcohol.

The Colour is pale gold with anise tints. Copious fine bubbles. The nose is bursting with freshness. Notes of citrus are present with chilled yellow-fleshed and stone fruit. The palate is tangy on entry, freshness and good balance, elegantly coated by the bubbles. We have some notes of grapefruit peel, bergamot and apricot.


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