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Australian : Mac Forbes RS17 Yarra Valley Riesling (2018)

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Mac first donned overalls in the South West of France at the tender age of eighteen. That summer was the catalyst for a now 20 year long career which has seen Mac work with some of the most respected names in the business, both in Australia and overseas.

Mac’s early experiences covered the gamut of winemaking, teaching and marketing. From educating European distributors on Australian wines to consulting to Austrian winemakers, Mac developed a strong understanding of the international wine market and old fashioned winemaking.

Returning to Australia in 2004, Mac kicked off his own project determined to further his own understanding of Australian soils and climate. Now firmly entrenched in the Yarra with 6 vineyard sites and a range of old and younger vineyards, Mac sees the future as an exciting period where much of the Yarra nuances will be revealed with greater clarity.

Notes: The nose shows citrus, apple and floral aromas. The granite soils deliver a sheer, punchy and pithy texture on the palate with a hint of sweetness to round it up.  This pure, balanced and citrus-packed Aussie white is an accomplished and complex tribute to old-                                                                         world Riesling.