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Commanderie de Preissan Le Bailli Languedoc (2016) - Price for 6 bottles

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Although the winery is built on Roman ruins the true history of Commanderie de Preissan starts in 1995.  It was then that Sophie Gely took over the vineyards and wine making from her parents, who had until then been selling off grapes in bulk to supermarkets.  Taking back the vineyards from years of abuse has taken time but Sophie has returned the winery and the vineyards to sensible agriculture and wine production.

I think it was the first time that I stepped out of a car and into Sophie’s vineyards that I truly understood what “garrigue” really is.  It was no wonder that she named her 100% Grenache wines after this wild tangle of flowers and herbs, nor that a wine called “The Soul of Garrigue” should come from there.

A strange course for this winegrower who only began his oenology training in Montpellier at the end of his pharmacy studies, when he became aware that this wonderful family estate could only live by dedicating himself full-time and in a very professional way. The conversion to improved varieties of vines began very early, in 1972. The Domaine de Preïssan is not only strong in terms of quality but also in terms of clay and limestone soil. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the ploughing; one of them will be deep to force the vine to root as low as possible in order to face the hot and early climate of this terroir. All this because a wine is made in the first place in the vineyard.

This garnet wine with purplish tints has a powerful nose of ripe red fruits cherry and strawberry), black fruits plum) and tender spices. The wine is pleasant on the palate with soft tannins and a lot of sweetness. It combines the roundness of Grenache and the spices of Syrah.

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