LUDO SILK - Shiraz - McLaren Vale - 2018 – Bottli

LUDO SILK - Shiraz - McLaren Vale - 2018

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SILK – 2018 Shiraz from Whites Valley, McLaren Vale

Deep, fruity, smooth 13.8% ABV
500 mL

Label art: Shiraz wine crystals under microscope

Ingredients: Grape berries, yeasts: Lachancea thermotolerans* and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, minimal sulphites

Look through the microscope for the nerdy stuff:

Shiraz grapes from the Perrau vineyard were hand-harvested on 12th March, 2018, destemmed and crushed. The combination of Lachancea thermotolerans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts fermented the grape juice into wine that was transferred into and matured in old French and American hogsheads for 14 months.

Focusing on the grape berries allowed to express the fruit purity of Rob & Sarah’s vineyard. Deep blackberry and blueberry aromas with a subtle pepper spice. A broad presence of seamless tannins accompanies concentrated flavours and a t art p lum s kin finish. A mo dern cl assic fr om McLaren Vale.

*Lachancea thermotolerans is a wild yeast (non-Saccharomyces) discovered and isolated by LUDO scientists. Besides bringing fresh, lifted aromatics, this yeast strain naturally produces lactic acid.

LUDO is a stimulating collaboration between three wine scientists. The name derives from Latin meaning, to play, challenge, or explore. LUDO embodies our passion to connect science, land, and people through making brave wines with transparency, curiosity and utmost precision. From the ancient dirt of McLaren Vale. And beyond.

The unique micro-climates of South Australia provide grapes with a sense of place. We do not take away anything during winemaking and our main additives are creativity and innovation to showcase varietal character and regional typicality. All wines are vegan, unfined, and unfiltered.