Wine Region Overview - Beaujolais – Bottli

Wine Region Overview - Beaujolais

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For this third workshop on Wednesday, May 20th at 6.00 pm (Sydney time zone) and for an hour and a half, we propose to you the tasting of a white wine Beaujolais Blanc 2018, Domaine de la Rocaillere. This course will be led by one of our sommelier, Romain.

This is the opportunity to understand the style(s) of wine of the chosen region, we will discuss about the main grape varieties, flagship producers & winemaking techniques.

During this online tasting courses, you will discover a white wine, the history of the small French winemaker and the Beaujolais region. You will study the grape varieties present in this wine and all the methods of tasting through sight, smell and taste. Finally, suggestions for food & wine pairings will be presented.

Connect at the same time as your loved ones to enjoy a moment of sharing and complicity while tasting a glass of wine thanks to the advice of our expert sommeliers.

In the days following your reservation, you will receive your tasting kit including the bottle of wine : Beaujolais Blanc 2018, Domaine de la Rocaillere that will be the main subject of this course.