Story about a winemaker – Champagne Vadin Plateau

Vadin-Plateau Champagne is a family enterprise in the heart of the Marne Valley, the village of Cumières, near Épernay, the capital of Champagne. The passionate family has been making brilliant Champagne and its descendant has inherited the craft of making effervescence since 1785. almost 300 years later, the estate’s reputation is continually consolidated by Yann Vadin, who has been phenomenally demonstrated his oenological expertise by incorporating traditional and modern viticulture and oenology, and primarily focused on sustainability of vineyard. 



The family has owned seven hectares among seven villages including Aÿ, Pourcy, Hautvillers, Cumières, Damery, Venteuil, Château-Thierry. The fruits are chosen from those villages, classified as premier crus, depending on their individual characteristics. Most vineyards are situated on slopes with south or south-east facing, consist of 44% Pinot Meunier, 39% Pinot Noir and 17% Chardonnay.

All great stories begin in vineyards, Yann carefully monitors the development of grapes, vegetative growth and the soil by researching both climate and weather. He has revitalised not only soil tillage but also viticulture that results in a sustainable farming which chemical treatments are used only when requisite based on environmental conditions. The key factors of effective sustainable viticulture are by respecting and looking after natural elements as Yann has done thoroughly.



Guy and Jean-Luc Vadin, Yann’s grandfather and father, have always worked to improve their techniques and their wines, so that Yann has inspired by them and  commits himself to improving his ancestral terroir. In order to realise his commitment, winemaking techniques have been optimised technically and technologically.

For instance, the winery has added clay oval tubs, opening new possibilities for working the wine as an effective way to bring minerality and emphasising the terroir and concentrating the flavors.

As a whole, those extensive facilities and wine expertise enable the winery to showcase its terroir through distinctive wines.


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