Story about a winemaker – Château Bas

Château Bas s located in the heart of Aix-en-Provence region, between Cavaillon and Salon the Provence town with various vineyards. The Chateau, temple and chapel date from between 1050 to 1400s and are classified as historical monuments. The estate has been in the Blanquet family since 1980 and has 65 hectares certified organic since 2010 and is running by Philippe Pouchin.



Château Bas owns a distinctive castle, which was built by an affluent dweller in Avignon, Guillaume of Damian in 1442. 18 years later, he had obtained his nobility approved by Charles of Orleans, Count of Asti, where the De Damian family came from. The castle is a historic building for archaeology which has existed several hundred years as a witness to viticultural development.

The winery has established organic conversion since 2010 Unlike some wineries use herbicide for weed control, the majority of the winery’s vineyard is grassy. They believe that those grasses benefit deep rooting, natural nutrients for soil health and soil moisture management, all of which are favourable for vigorous vines and excellent crops.

As other organic farming wineries, the estate is cautious about interventions. They only use sulfur and copper only if severe conditions. They tend to adopt organic approaches such as grassy vineyard for their sites with extra efforts on canopy management.



Grapes for the estate are planted on limestone and stony soil, where vineyards experience both generous Mediterranean sunshine and the unique cooling Mistral wind originated from Atlantic Ocean which not only has extended the growing season of from Southern Rhone to Northern Provence but also ventilated vines that results in healthy and fully ripe crops.

Compared to almost both 2 white and red varieties are permitted in Burgundy, they possess a range of varieties including Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Counoise (for a subtle red blend), Rolle (Vermentino), White Grenache and Ugni Blanc.

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