Story about a Winemaker – Daniel Dampt & Fils


Resulting from a family of winegrowers dating back 150 years, Daniel DAMPT has joined his domaine with that of his father-in-law’s, Jean DEFAIX.


The estate currently counts 30 hectares of vines in production, including 16 hectares of CHABLIS and 14 hectares of Chablis Ier Cru of which in particular of Vaillons, Fourchaume, Cote de Lechet, Les Lys and Beauroy.

The recently constructed cellaris equipped with stainless steel tanks. The purchase of modern, powerful cellar equipment has enabled the group to increase its production of bottles, which now stands at 150000 bottles per year.

All Daniel Dampt’s wines are produced and bottled by the domaine. This means all his wines are made from grapes grown in his own vine yards, which is a crucial factor in the personnality and quality of the wines.

Now Vincent and Sebastien DAMPT work with their parents on the domain. They have made some training periods in New Zealand and Australia. They give some new ideas to the estate.


Vincent and Sébastien created their wine-merchant company in 2008 with their father Daniel in order to develop their current range of wines.
They now propose to introduce a Chablis Grand Cru Bougros and a Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos to their range of fine wines. Both quality wines are produced with the same care and attention that all their wines receive.”


Vincent Dampt increased the quality and production of his wines with a modernized twenty-first century cellar. Located on the outskirts of the small village of Milly beneath the Premier Cru Cote de Lechet, the winery features temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks that allow the wines to be fermented at a constant 18°C. From 30 hectares of vineyards split evenly between Chablis A.C. and five premier crus: Vaillons, Beauroy, Cotes de Lechet, Fourchaume and Les Lys, the family produces 12,000 cases annually.

Daniel’s, and now Vincent’s philosophy is to evidence the superb characteristics that Chardonnay can display when grown on the famous Kimmeridgien clay. For this reason there are no barrels at the Domaine.

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