Domaine La Grangette

Bordered by “Via Domitia”, crossed by the path of “salt” and that of the “fishmonger”, the domain “La Grangette” has a heavy historic past. In the Middle Ages, the grounds formed part of the seigneury of the Baron de Guers. They were cultivated of cereals and of alfalfa, to nourish the significant cavalry of the castle.

The vine was cultivated there on some pieces; very old tanks, one-meter thick, attest work of the wine well before the Revolution. Located between Méditerannée and Cevennes bordered by south with the the bassin de Thau and by north with the historic city of Pezenas, Domaine La Grangette is in the center of Picpoul De Pinet A.O.C. zone. Grape-gathering ThePicpoul de Pinet is elaborated with monocepage grapes called “Piquepoul”. Located on an exceptional soil made with a set of limestone grounds, coming from marl and sandstone “garrigues”,and grounds made of conglomerates of medium to strong stones.

The Domaine has the high advantage of being under two influences :south orientation and sea neighbourhood. In order to preserve our privileged environment we manage to keep a balance between the animal life which helps us and the growing upvermin of the wineyard. Mechanical labour associated with organic inprovement contribute to an underground repopulation of the underground vineyard associated with the surrounding garrigues in order to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

The name Grangette, which signifies a small barn, is derived from this significant piece of domaine’s history. Domaine La Grangette is the only estate to produce a white, red and rosé from the Picpoul grape variety. Under the thoughtful ownership and stewardship of Michel and Christelle Moret pictured above, Domaine La Grangette practices sustainable viticulture with low yields and an eye towards the future.

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