Story about a winemaker – Domaine Les Cascades

Domaine Les Cascades, which is a boutique winery, is situated in the middle of the Corbières, has established since 2010.



Laurent et Sylvie Bachevillier have been managing this tiny vineyard for almost a decade who proposes a style of sustainable viticulture including watchful canopy management, natural grassing between rows, application of most organic sprays, selective weeding. However, due to weather constraints, chemical treatments sometimes are applied when necessary, although they adopt sustainable viticulture.

Most viticultural practices are chiefly conducted by hand in reflection by showing great respect for the biodiversity of vineyard and the vigorous quality of grapes that is essential to make phenomenal wines.



In the region where is characterised by hot and dry climate with clayey limestone scrubland, umbrella pines and cypresses, Domaine Les Cascades has begun to shine in this particular region.

First of all, they have adopted sustainable viticulture that is fundamental for success. Secondly, they select only exceptional grapes for their wine production, although it is somehow high-cost. Also, they are careful with the cultivation of vines under sustainable methods.

Fourthly, they plant grape varieties on suitable soil or microclimate based on their distinguishing characteristics, which may have outstanding crops for better wine production as enhancement to their wines’ gustatory value for consumers. Finally, they are always both passionate about viticulture and oenology and respectful of terroir as their wine has expressed its generosity, ardor and freshness.

In addition, they brew a range of beer by hand and to help you discover our passion, we welcome to our guest rooms.

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