Story about a winemaker – Domaine Ray Jane

Constant family has proved the capability to produce exceptional wines by generations of winemakers since 1288, animated by the same passion, the affection of vineyards and wine.

The Domaine Ray-Jane was established in 1970 by Raymond and Jane Constant who, by uniting their lives together, united the lands of their winemaker ancestors and brought to life this creation.

By inheriting the same passion and dedication from their ancestors, their son Alain and his wife Anne have been taking over the Domaine since 2002.

Currently, a new generation is in the team, their sons, Julien and Vincent Constant have been involved in their family enterprise which the family’s winemaking history has been passed down for more than 700 years.



Their vineyards consist of approximately 26 hectares in the sub-regions of Le Castellet and La Cadiere, which the vineyards have taken shape over time, is made of more than one third of vines that are centenarian. The soil of the vineyards is formed by clay and limestone soil, growing on terraces of dry stones where the stones carved into the hills to prevent erosion and facilitate the natural distribution of water resources. The plantation is chiefly the Mourvèdre grape variety of the Bandol appellation following by manual harvesting. Those vineyards extend over the communes of Castellet, La Cadière, Bandol, Sanary sur mer and Le Beausset.

Domaine Ray-Jane has been certified with Ecocert’s “Ecological Agriculture” label as an organic conversion since 2011 including the sustainable practices of a refusal of application of chemicals, weed killers, insecticides and systemic agents, with the greatest respect for tradition and nature as their ancestors did.

Their cellar has been upgraded with the up-to-date technology including thermo-controlled stainless-steel tanks for maceration of all wines, automatic pumping over system for their red Bandol.



Alain’s father Raymond had a passion for all things used for winemaking such as tools for vineyard management, barrel-making and winemaking which are displayed in a small museum lies on the property where a unique collection of over 20,000 tools.

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