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Bonjour! I’m Nathalie Taquet, a French native with an unwavering passion for wines. However, when I moved to Australia in 2028, I faced a challenge: navigating the vast selection of wines available and finding quality options at affordable prices. Unlike in France, where wine selection is often based on regions, the approach in Australia can be overwhelming, with a focus on grape varieties. Determined to simplify this process, I founded Bottli. Leveraging my passion and expertise in wine, I curate small batches from winemakers with captivating stories behind their products. Bottli aims to assist individuals who desire quality wine but may struggle with making informed choices. Additionally, Bottli focuses on the female palate by creating an exclusive club, where a panel of women selects the wines with me. Our goal? To offer handpicked, limited batches of wines that are simply meant to be shared and savoured. Vous allez adorer!

Nathalie Taquet

Curator for Wine Lovers

Exploring Flavourful Frontiers

At Bottli, we firmly believe that a bottle of wine should never disappoint. It’s meant to bring joy and spread happiness; if it falls short in taste, it fails in its mission. Bottli was born to ensure you only receive exceptional bottles, carefully selected to create memorable moments.

Our curated boxes, delivered to your door, offer a palate adventure like no other. Subscribers enjoy free shipping, making each bottle even more delightful. Filled with unique wines crafted by French and Australian artisans, our selections are guided by my French heritage and a passion for small-batch artisans. We prioritise delicious wines that offer exceptional value, tailored to suit a lady’s palate. Each bottle has been personally tasted and vetted by our team of women, ensuring a quality selection of exclusive products.

Join the Bottli Wine Club and embark on a journey of discovery with us.

Santé! 🍷

Experience our exclusive small-batch wine selection, perfectly crafted to suit a Lady’s refined palate


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