Hello, I’m Nathalie Taquet, a native of France, deeply passionate about wines. Recognizing the distinct palates between ladies and gentlemen, I founded Taquet Curation. With the help of a panel of ladies, we meticulously curate a selection that strikes the perfect balance between quality and price. Our aim is to provide small batches of exclusive wines, perfect for sharing and savoring. Vous allez adorer!

Nathalie Taquet • Connector for Wine Lovers

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The Taquet quarterly ladies Club is a seasonal mixed half dozen wines delivered to your door once a quarter – in March, June, September and December. Our selection criteria are simple: the wines need to be delicious, over-deliver on value. In every pack you’ll find a select mixture of reds, whites and bubbles ideally suited to a lady’s palate ; local wines from small producers your favourite varieties and maybe some you’ve never tried before. Whether you need a bottle to take to dinner with friends, something to drink with your Sunday lunch or just a Friday night glass after a long hard week there’s something in the box for every occasion.

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Experience our exclusive small-batch wine selection, perfectly crafted to suit a Lady’s refined palate

How does it works?

Welcome to The Taquet Quarterly Ladies Wine Club, where the magic of wine delivery meets the excitement of discovering new and delicious sips! Your journey begins with a seasonal mixed half dozen wines delivered straight to your door, and oh, the anticipation is almost as bubbly as the contents of your first box. March, June, September, and December become your months of merriment as we curate a selection that’s not just good but dazzlingly delicious.


Picture this: You open your door, and there it is a box filled with liquid joy and happiness! Inside, our team of wine aficionados has meticulously chosen a tantalizing surprise of reds, whites, and bubbles that are not just great for your taste buds but practically dance with delight on your palate. We’ve scoured local vineyards, embraced small producers, and handpicked your favorite varieties. And guess what? We might even slip in a wild card, introducing you to a wine that’s like the friend you never knew you needed.

Whether it’s a dinner party with the gals, a lazy Sunday lunch, or simply surviving the chaos of a Friday night, your Taquet Club box has got you covered! Need a bottle that pairs perfectly with gossip? We’ve got it. Craving something to elevate your Sunday roast? We’ve got that too. Just want to unwind with a well-deserved Friday night glass after conquering the week? You guessed it – we’ve got the sip for that. The Taquet Quarterly Ladies Wine Club is not just a subscription; it’s an invitation to celebrate life’s moments, big and small, with a glass of something extraordinary.

Our Taquet Curative Wines are wines that have been individually selected to capture your mood. Discover the selection of this month:

Wine 1: Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir, Coonawarra, NV

This wine delights with its pale lemon hue and medium bead, and a fragrant bouquet of citrus blossom, green apple, and a subtle mineral lift. The palate unfolds with layers of crisp green apple and zesty grapefruit, complemented by underlying hints of cranberry and raspberry.

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Wine 2: Grenache, Barossa Valley, Vintage 2022

This wine has been selected for its immediate burst of rich flavours, bright strawberry, raspberry, and red cherry, matching the delightful aromas that leap from the glass. Full flavoured yet delicate the wine finish of with pleasant fruit sweetness and hint of mint.

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Wine 3: Rosé, Adelaide Plains, Vintage 2022

This wine has been selected for its inviting flora fragrance of rose petals, strawberry, and raspberry. A sweet kiss to the lips and mouth flavours of yellow peach fresh cut watermelon and hint of cinnamon spice. The wine finishes crisp and dry, a perfect summer wine for any occasions.

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Wine 4: Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Plains, Vintage 2022

This wine has been selected for its lovely herbaceous nose with hints of lemongrass, grapefruit and tarragon. A refreshing wine with pleasing flavours of tropical fruits, lime and white peach. It has a clean dry finish with just a touch soft vanilla, a perfect wine for summer.

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Wine 5: Riesling, Clare Valley, Vintage 2023

This wine has been selected for its citrus blossom noise of grapefruit lime and lemon zest. Flavours of green apple and pear with a hint of ginger and lemon grass leaves a pleasant refreshing crisp finish. An excellent wine for summer lunch or dinner or with a grazing platter on the patio.

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Wine 6: Moscato, Adelaide Plains, Vintage 2022

This wine has been selected for its sweet fragrant of honey suckle, elderflower and orange blossom. With its fruit bowl bursting with flavours of yellow peach, ripe nectarine, sweet apricots, and honeydew. This wine goes well with spicy foods leaving the palate refreshed ready for the next sip.

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Taquet Curation Ladies Wine Club

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What’s in the box?

Every box contains 6 carefully selected wines tried and reviewed by the passionate ladies panel to bring the best of the season to you. We spend time to give you a short brief on each wine, the region, flavour profile and tasting notes. In addition share a story from “The Lady of the Wine”.

What does it cost?

The Quarterly cost is set at $158 making our selection affordable for anyone to enjoy. We believe that a positive wine experience should not be limited to budget and we will deliver to your front door free of charge, anywhere in Australia!

What’s the commitment?

Our commitment is to pure enjoyment and discovery but apart from that you are free to cancel your membership at any time before your card is charged, without penalty. Sounds great!

How do I sign up?

Simply complete the wine club form with your preferred payment method and your half dozen wines will be reserved for you in the next mail out. Once signed up we’ll charge your card in the same month that we send out the next edition of the club mixed wines, in March, June, September and December.

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Can I get the current box?

Yes: We have made it easy for anyone to purchase the current wine box. Simple click on to purchase purchases any time you visit the site and you can purchase any of the wines we currently have on offer. To avoid missing out on our select six wines make sure you become a member to avoid disappointment as we only produce a small quantity of addition packs for members wishing to purchase an additional pack or two for yourself or someone dear..

What other benefits do members receive?

As a member there are lots of other surprises installed for you. In addition to you six wines you receive which we are sure you will enjoy, there is always something extra included in the box. It’s a secret our lips are sealed and yours to discover when you receive a box as a subscriber for Club Members only. Don’t miss out on this one!

Here are some more things to look forward to and this is just the beginning as we like to share these experiences with you as we expand our offering to members.

  • Special wine offers
  • The discovery of French Bubbles
  • Selected Imported Wines a journey of pleasure.
  • Exclusive VIP packs which only members can access
  • Open invitation to be part of our lady wine selection panel
  • Invitation to events to taste new releases
  • Special Dinners hosted by Nathalie with food and wine Pairing
  • Access to special Member Offers by third parties aim at treating and pampering you
  • Wine education
  • Simple yummy foods suggestions that you can put together to accompany your wine selection. (No Cooking Or Recipes as yours is to enjoy not work)

And lots more as we grow with you.

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