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A story behind every bottle

Behind every bottle of wine there is a family story, a passion and a "savoir faire ".

That's why in Bottli we put you in contact with the winemakers. On our website you can order your favorite wines directly from them.

We believe that a better understanding of what you drink is essential. Be connected and have a unique experience!

Our Sommeliers to your place

Are you a party planner looking for the unique aspect to WOW your guests? Are you a facilitator who enjoys a special menu of wine with your dinner courses? Or why not Lunch as well! If yes, then contact us ( to book your Sommelier services who are there to guide you for an unforgettable experience! Our facilities are based in hotspot cities in Australia.

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Our happy customers review !

I absolutely enjoy my first box! I am so happy with the first selection and already excited for the next to come! What a great concept! Thank you for bringing a piece of home (France) to my doorstep! 

- Amandine

This selection is a winner at ours. Totally like the variety and getting to know so many different domains!  

- Mona

Great wine selection, authentic french taste and great customer service. I definitely recommend Bottli!

- Paola

Super ! J'adore !

- Carine

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