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Nathalie TAQUET
Curator for Wine Lovers

Growing up in a French family involved in wine, wine has been a lifelong love affair of mine with the many wine verities and the famous wine regions. What I enjoyed the most is discovering those small family owned produces that are passionate about their craft. Theirs is not a commercial world but a world of beauty full of adventure and excitement. An art, as they patiently wait for their wines to develop and to be discovered.
Those timeless moments kept running through my mind till an idea came to me. In 2018 I made a crazy bet with myself, coming out to Australia to start a project that is like me, makes me vibrate and brings value. Australia has been a great source of inspiration for my project. As when I arrived I noticed that most of the Australian wines been sold were mainly made by large commercial companies. Finding true single vineyard family owned wines made by small producers was difficult to find. 
Back home, these smaller producers are highly regarded and sought after as they produce amazing wines that only few get to discover. They know every aspect of their vineyard the soil that the vines are grown on, which all go together in producing premium quality wines. But what is special about these small producer is the way they go about crafting their wines in a style that romances, and to impress the ladies. They understand the nature of a ladies palate and its unique structure and differences. 
A Lady’s palate is more sensitive, refined and delicate that can pick up those seductive flavours in a wine. Sharp acid, harsh tannins, sour nodes sugar sweetness and unpleasant characters are not what us ladies find pleasant when choosing a wine. From all these observations I decided to ally my passion to my project this is how Bottli was born. 
Through Bottli, I aim to share wines that please the individuality of ladies of today. A silent movement through a label that recognise the different attributes of a lady and her hidden secrets, pleasures that only she can find in wines that have been crafted to capture her mood.
As a research scientist for me it has not been difficult to a line my wines with skilfull wine makers who apply the art of wine making and not the science, it’s all about the practice that wine makers have been doing for hundreds of years. The wines produce for my label must follow and meet the standards I have set. Not only do they need to meet the style but they also have to be made using sustainable practices both in the vineyard and in the winery.
For me it is easy to reject a wine than to compromise the standards I have set. And engaging my own wine maker and a tasting panel of fine ladies who know what they like is the final step. If it meets with their approval it will be shared with you. 
The ranges of wines we will be offering are from every day wines that can be enjoyed with any occasion to those wines for special moments they you choose to share and enjoy.
At Bottli, we believe that no one should be disappointed by the taste of a wine. A good bottle is made to bring joy, and when the taste is missing, it fails to this essential mission.
As romantic and passionate souls, we love sharing good moments with friends and family around a great bottle of wine. This kind of authentic experience, we want to share in our way.
We have a more sustainable model which will roll out smoothly as we grow. All I wanted was to figure out a simple way to connect consumers directly with  winemakers in a way that everyone can benefit by enjoying great wines that benefit both the consumers and winemakers through our direct offering. 
I really look forward to people discovering new taste experience through a growing number of different wines which I will be sharing with you.

Nathalie Taquet – Wine Connector and Curator

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