meet the team

We believe in mixing cultures and ideas.

By crossing our passions, we are building the World of tomorrow specially in Wine Business.

Because we are all actors of change!

Nathalie TAQUET
Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas FOATA
Chief Technology officer

Florence Master
Business Development

Amélie Chaboud
Project manager

Didi Yang
Business development

REbecca bell

Daphna torres

Nicola reid

Bottli launched the first time in 2019 and has since built a loyal wine-loving customer base. Our goal is to create personal relationships between our customers and winegrowers by sharing their story & philosophy. 

 French-born, Adelaide-based founder and CEO Nathalie Taquet displays a passion for wine and didn’t stop just with Bottli. In 2020, she created another startup eBottli,  which uses the latest technologies to guard our premium wine industry from export counterfeits and help grape growers and winemakers through their digital transformation. 

“At Bottli, we believe that a good bottle of wine should bring joy and spread happiness for both the drinker and the winemaker,” says Nathalie Taquet. “I started Bottli to deliver the best French and Australian wines from small-scale artisan winemakers after tasting each of them because the idea is to share experiences.” 

Nathalie and her family moved to Australia three years ago and started in Sydney but the South Australian government provided attractive incentives to base eBottli in Adelaide through the new SISA (Supporting Innovation in SA) program, so the family made the move. Although both businesses have been disrupted by COVID-19, Nathalie has a strong vision for the future for both Bottli and eBottli. 

Later in 2020, eBottli was really picking up and Nathalie was lacking time to keep up with bottle reviewing and deliveries, so Bottli was put on hold. However, due increasing demand from winemaker partners and loyal customers, decision has been made to re-launch Bottli in June 2021. 

 “We have a more sustainable model which will roll out smoothly as we grow. All I wanted was to figure out a simple way to connect directly the winemakers with the consumers in a way everyone can benefit from low cost and low prices without compromising on the standard of wine I was featuring”. We chose our partners carefully and we make sure we conduct business in an ethical way.  

I really look forward to see people sharing and exchanging tips on our platform and see a new community of wine lovers grow. 


– Nathalie Taquet

CEO Bottli & eBottli