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What makes them special?

Burgundy’s daughter, Clotilde DAVENNE grew up in the countryside at the foot of the Morvan.

her childhood in nature forged her sensitive approach of the world. For her, everything is odors, flavors, colors, in a mixture of sensations.
She learnt vegetable scents: lime, acacia, mint, herbs wrinkled, rosé meadows, glades humid ... but also those of the garden: artichokes, peas, beans she often munched on site.
Games orchard: cherries, plums, raspberries and nuts, until the return to the kitchen: jam, cheese, cakes ... olfactory Layers that are delicacy.

Later, Clotilde wanted to leverage her sensitivity: make wine, a trade. So she decided to attend oenology studies.

Young graduated, she started in the red Beaujolais, discovered the sparkling wines of California, before returning to Burgundy.

Cellar master, she practices the expression of terroir through the wine she develops since 1989.
Hundreds of well shaped vintages confirm her expertise she constantly tries to perfect.

Her wines speak of their land gracefully across the fruit of each grape variety.