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What makes them special?

With the arrival of his second daughter Sylvie, thier father Francis was both delighted and torn by conflicting feelings: on the one hand he had a beautiful, healthy baby … on the other, yet another girl.

Who was going to take over the vineyard he had inherited and so successfully built up?

This fear gradually subsided as the girls grew up and proved themselves to be fearless, interested, passionate, hardworking, sporty, a bit tomboyish … all qualities that would one day serve them well.

As they developed, along with the wine estate, they got involved in everyday activities, observed the goings on in the vineyard and winery and often experienced the pleasure of tasting good wine.

Thier father taught them the technical side, the profession as they say, as well as a love for it.

From thier mother they learned what it was like to give and to receive. From the two of them they learned the pleasure of all good things.

Basically, they were born winemakers but became epicureans. The years passed, filled with encounters, studies, travel and shared experiences.

Eventually they chose to extract the best of these moments and make them a way of life … and to put all their experiences to good use by offering wines that reflect what they preach every day: conviviality.