Pair Dining – Experience Fine Food & Paired Wines At Home

Chef, Jack Tonkin and Sommelier, Malcolm Diack were both had to leave their jobs at East End Cellars due to COVID. The pair discovered a joint opportunity over knock-off drinks and the timing couldn’t be more ideal.

The philosophy: Seasonality, sustainability and 100% locality.

The concept: Bringing their passion of food, wine & pairings together to form a fine-dining experience that travels to the homes of customers. 

The name: Pair Dining


The menu is as fluid as it gets – constantly adapting to the wine selection, changes in season, dietaries & preferences. Customers can expect a tailored experience that begins with their wants and needs and is responded with a pitch.


The lads divide their time between steady private bookings with Pair Dining and other complementary ventures. Jack is currently running the kitchen at Good Gilbert, Goodwood – including upcoming collaborations with Ngeringa Estate (biodynamic vineyard) and Charlotte Dalton Wines. Malcolm is working as a sommelier at Hentley Farm Wines in the Barossa Valley, as well as working vintage at CRFT Wines in the Adelaide Hills. He is also going to be bottling his own batch of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir this year’s vintage.

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